The Top 10 Loudest Sounding Dog Breeds in the United States

Dogs are known for their vocalizations, whether it’s barking, howling, or even yapping. While some breeds are more reserved in their vocal expressions, others are quite the opposite. Here, we explore the top 10 loudest sounding dog breeds in the United States, known for their booming barks and distinctive howls.


Beagles have a signature howl that can be heard from a considerable distance. Originally bred for hunting, they have a loud, melodious bark that can carry quite far.

Basset Hound

With their deep, booming barks, Basset Hounds are certainly one of the loudest breeds. Their vocalizations can echo throughout the neighborhood.

Siberian Husky

Known for their wolf-like howls, Siberian Huskies are vocal dogs that express themselves with gusto. Their howls can be both beautiful and ear-piercing.

German Shepherd

German Shepherds are not only known for their intelligence and loyalty but also for their powerful barks. They can bark loudly to alert their owners of any potential threats.

Bearded Collie

Despite their fluffy appearance, Bearded Collies have a surprisingly loud bark. They are not shy about using it to communicate their needs or to express excitement.

Shetland Sheepdog

Shelties may be small in size, but their bark is anything but. They have a sharp, piercing bark that can catch anyone’s attention.


Dachshunds may have short legs, but they have no shortage of vocalizations. Their bark is loud and persistent, making them effective watchdogs.


Despite their small size, Chihuahuas have big voices. They are known for their high-pitched barks that can be surprisingly loud.


Foxhounds have a distinctive bay that carries for miles. Originally bred for hunting, they have retained their powerful vocalizations.

Australian Shepherd

Aussies are not only energetic and intelligent but also quite vocal. Their barks can be loud and persistent, especially when they’re trying to herd something.


While every dog is unique and may vary in their vocal tendencies, these breeds stand out for their loud and resonant barks and howls. Whether it’s for alerting their owners, expressing joy, or simply communicating, these dogs make their presence known with their booming vocalizations.

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