Top 8 Types of Terrier Dog Breeds in the USA

Jack Russell Terrier

Known for their energetic nature and intelligence, Jack Russell Terriers make excellent companions for active families.

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Boston Terrier

With their distinctive tuxedo-like markings and friendly disposition, Boston Terriers are beloved family pets

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Bull Terrier

Recognizable by their egg-shaped head, Bull Terriers are known for their loyalty and playful demeanor.

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West Highland White Terrier

Affectionately known as Westies, these small but sturdy dogs are famous for their lively personalities and white coats.

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Scottish Terrier

Scottish Terriers, or Scotties, are characterized by their distinctive beard and dignified yet feisty demeanor.

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Yorkshire Terrier

Often referred to as Yorkies, these small yet confident dogs are cherished for their glamorous long coats and bold personalities.

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Cairn Terrier

Made famous by the Wizard of Oz, Cairn Terriers are spirited and adventurous companions with a love for outdoor activities.

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Airedale Terrier

Known as the "King of Terriers," Airedales are large, intelligent dogs with a friendly disposition and a keen sense of loyalty.

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