8 Signs You Love Your Pet More Than Your Partner

Pets are cherished companions in many households, often holding a special place in our hearts. In some cases, the bond we share with our pets can even surpass that with our partners. Here are eight telltale signs that you may love your pet more than your significant other.

1. Priority in Conversations

When given the chance, do you find yourself steering conversations towards your pet? If discussions frequently circle back to anecdotes or updates about your furry friend rather than your partner, it could indicate where your priorities lie.

2. Affectionate Gestures

Pay attention to how you express affection. While it’s natural to show love to both your partner and your pet, if you find yourself consistently showering your pet with hugs, kisses, and cuddles, while your partner receives less attention, it might suggest a deeper connection with your pet.

3. Making Sacrifices

Are you willing to rearrange your schedule or make sacrifices for your pet’s well-being more readily than for your partner? Whether it’s cancelling plans to stay home with a sick pet or foregoing vacations because your pet can’t join, prioritizing your pet’s needs over your partner’s signals a strong attachment.

4. Emotional Support

Pets often serve as emotional pillars, offering comfort and solace during difficult times. If you find yourself turning to your pet for support and understanding more frequently than your partner, it could signify a deeper emotional bond with your furry companion.

5. Social Media Presence

Take a glance at your social media profiles. Are they flooded with pictures, videos, and stories featuring your pet? If your pet takes center stage in your online presence, garnering more likes and comments than posts with your partner, it may indicate where your affections lie.

6. Sleep Arrangements

Where does your pet sleep at night? If your pet shares your bed while your partner sleeps elsewhere, it’s a clear indication of who holds the prime position in your heart – and on your mattress.

7. Financial Investments

Consider where you allocate your resources. If you’re more inclined to splurge on gourmet pet food, designer accessories, or extravagant vet bills for your pet while scrimping on gifts or outings for your partner, it suggests where your financial priorities lie.

8. Feeling of Unconditional Love

Ultimately, the strongest sign that you love your pet more than your partner is the unwavering sense of unconditional love and acceptance you feel towards them. Your pet’s unwavering loyalty and companionship may surpass any relationship with a human counterpart.


While every relationship is unique, the bond between a pet and their owner can be remarkably profound. Recognizing and understanding the signs that indicate you may love your pet more than your partner can provide insight into your priorities and emotional connections.

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